How to Write a Recommendation Letter

Letter of recommendation or also spelt as the recommendation letter, you can call it as a reference letter, reference or a letter of reference there are several ways of denoting it as the name clears this letter is used for the purpose of reference especially in job interviews for everyone either fresher or experience.

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

This letter is simply taken as the document which is having the qualities, capabilities and the characteristics of the person who is going for an interview which is simply recommended to the higher authority or HR for expressing the abilities of the person for performing any kind of task or the function related to his / her work. Basically, the letter of recommendation is mainly used for the fields which are related to employment like as the employment references or any kind of job reference, you can also use the recommendation letter for getting the eligibility of scholarship, having admission in the higher education institute.

Reference Letter Format

Reference Letter Format

Recommendation letters are those letters which are requested by the someone to write about him or her with detailed qualities, achievement and positive things. The companies which are in the wish for winning any contract also needs a good reference for making their victory confirmed especially in some of the fields like as of engineering, industry and construction, consultancy or in the regard of tenders or public procurement. The reference letters which are written for the organization are used for assessing the ability so that the required level for the service can be delivered on time with quality. The person who is going to give the reference for anyone is known as the referee. So, today we are going to share different types of recommendation letter and will tell you some important points regarding them let us come to know about these types of recommendation letters :


1 . Personal letter of recommendation

2 . Recommendation letter for a friend

3 . Letter of recommendation for the coworker

4 . Letter of recommendation for Student

5 . Letter of recommendation template word

6 . Recommendation Letter Format

7 . Recommendation Letter For Graduate School

8 . Recommendation letter for a job

9 . Letter of recommendation for college

10 . Recommendation Letter For Internship

11 . Recommendation Letter For Promotion


Personal Letter of Recommendation

Personal Letter of Recommendation

Character recommendation or the character reference is another name for a Personal recommendation, we basically write a letter of recommendation mostly for the job or to give a profile of candidates character and personality. If anyone feels that they are not having much experience of work or they are not going to have positive references from an employer than in this situation you might need to have a personal recommendation letter. The main objective of the Personal recommendation letter is to focus on the personality and the skills of the candidate and it also contains some of the examples which are related to the personal life of candidate like their past experiences, gains etc.

There are also various templates available online for the personal recommendation letter in which you need not write anything it is already written you just have to do some of the editings in it like your name, industry name etc. As like of any other letter you have to provide heading, salutation, conclusion and at last signature in which you have to give a brief introduction about the candidate, provide that why are you recommending him or how is the recommended candidate good for the opportunity. You should end your recommendation letter by words stating highly recommended or by the recommend without reservation.


Recommendation Letter for a Friend

It may be possible that sometime you might be needed to write a recommendation letter on various occasions for your friend and such type of letters are known as the recommendation letter for a friend therefore to face such type of situation it is important for you to know how you can write a recommendation letter for your friend. Actually this type of recommendation letter is basically for the personal reference of a character or description of your friend it is not from any employer or the one whom you do not know this is from the one whom you know personally and can give a good reference for you like your neighbor, acquaintance, advisor or anyone who can volunteer with you. There are many people who love to use this recommendation letter from a friend as an option of getting employment reference letter. If you feel that you are not very much good with your work or if this is your first job or either your work experience is not good then you can easily use this type of recommendation letter let us tell you some points which are important and needed to be mentioned in your reference letter these are as follows :


* You should focus on the job for which applying

* Collect each and every information

* Explain briefly that how you know the person

* You should mention some personal examples to explain the qualities

* Be positive while writing

* Mention the contact detail of yours

* You should follow all of the guidelines for submission

* You should think carefully before saying yes


Letter of Recommendation for a Coworker

Letter of Recommendation for a Coworker

It is simple and easy to write a letter of recommendation for your coworker and it is almost same as of writing a letter for someone with whom you have worked or who has worked for you and the one more important point is that if you are unable to write a letter in a positive way then you should not write it as it can leave a bad impression over the employer. If you feel that you can not write the perfect recommendation letter then do not go with it you should not mark anything which is not true so instead of serving dishonesty it is better to leave it does not matter how much important or friendly your co-worker is with you. Before going to write a recommendation letter for your coworker you should, first of all, ask some of the questions to him for writing a good recommendation letter like :


1 . To whom this letter is needed to be addressed

2 . Show me a copy of resume and the job description

3 . Which of the achievement of yours are needed to be the highlights

4 . What type of problems are you able to solve for this organization

5 . Is there anything which you do not want to be mentioned


Letter of Recommendation for Student

 Letter of Recommendation for Student

In student life, there are also some situations when you require a recommendation letter it can be for anything like as for the application or for any kind of reference. You can use the recommendation letter for the personal or academic purpose, this recommendation letter is also known as the character reference and for any reference, it is very important to provide a recommendation letter as it increases your chances to get the particular admission or job whichever you want at any place. The letter of recommendation for the student is also known as the Academic reference letter as it is mostly provided to students who are in graduation or internship or want any job. You should also keep in remember that your academic letter has all of the important points like as of your skills, qualities or experiences which you have in any specific school or for the academic program.


Letter of Recommendation Template Word 

Letter of Recommendation Template Word 

If you do not know how to write a recommendation letter and you are in the need of writing one then you have the best solution for this and the solution is Microsoft word. There are lots of free recommendation letter templates available on Microsoft word which can be used by you for ease of your work. These templates are stored in the Microsoft word and you can easily access these templates online on the word program of your PC or laptop these templates are going to help you a lot in getting an idea for the format of your letter if you wanted to write it manually like it will show you at which place you have to mention receivers address, how much space you have to mark out between the paragraph of your letter. It will also help you in letting know about the font or font size for your letter and these templates are also going to help you with the elements which are important to get included within your letter and you should also mention some of the basic information about the person for whom you are going to write this recommendation letter.


Recommendation Letter Format

Recommendation Letter Format

Writing a kind of recommendation letter is not that much difficult you can easily write one for any person while writing a recommendation letter you should mention some of the characteristic points for the candidate. When you go through writing a recommendation letter you should, first of all, gather all of the required information about it. You can collect such necessary information with help of resume, list of volunteer or any co-curricular activities of the candidate. So, the format of writing a recommendation letter is as follows :


Your contact information

Your name

Your title

Company or school name



State , zip code
















Recommender name


Email address

Phone number

Recommendation Letter Example

Recommendation Letter Example

Recommendation Letter for the Job

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School

In most of the graduate schools, the professors ask students to write a recommendation letter in seek of getting admission to the college. So, for getting an application to a graduate school you may need a recommendation letter for yourself, the letter you are providing is needed to be enthusiastic, well written from any professor or your fellow member with your all brief details, strengths or requirements.

Recommendation Letter from Employer for Graduate School

 Recommendation Letter from Employer for Graduate School

It is well known that whenever we apply for a new job or to any good job description it becomes important to carry a recommendation letter for increasing your chances to get hired as this will leave a good impression over employer and it may also let you towards the benefit of getting a good positioned job. So, carry a well written and effective recommendation letter with resume while going for an interview.


Letter of Recommendation for College

 Letter of Recommendation for College

Aspirants who are seeking to get admission in well-known colleges or in the big colleges are required to carry a recommendation letter written by their professor of the previous school. Therefore, to get admission it is important to have an effective recommendation letter you should carry one with your documents while applying for admissions.


Recommendation Letter for Internship

Internships are required when you are in colleges or pursuing graduation and for getting admission for any internship it becomes important for you to carry a recommendation letter with you as it is asked by them to let you know. This recommendation letter for an internship is provided by the dean or HOD of your college so it is better to carry a good one with you.


Recommendation Letter For Promotion

Recommendation Letter For Promotion

If you wanted to apply for promotion then at this situation you have to recommend yourself and tell how you are better than others and to explain about yourself nothing is better than a good recommendation letter this is why we are here telling you about the recommendation letter for promotion. To increase your chances of getting promoted this time a recommendation letter from a high positioned person will help you a lot. So, provide a good letter with all of your achievements, qualities, skills etc and then apply for your promotion it will definitely be going to help you.

Recommendation Letter From Professor

Recommendation Letter From Professor

So, this was all about the recommendation letter we have provided you almost each and every information and we also give you a brief intro about different types of recommendation letters available you can write any of them or also you can get the free template of the required recommendation letter this will reduce your chances of mistake and will also save lots of your time this is all up to you whatever you want you can choose.